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The Massage Package

The Massage Package


The Massage Package includes a THERMAL WAND and one MASSAGE MITT. This deal offers a discount of £4.99 compared to being bought separate.Both innovative products have been designed to be used on both people and animals.


Our innovative lightweight portable source of heat has 3 temperature controlled (36°c-53°c) metal fingers of which each end heats up enabling you to massage these into specific muscles on the body.


Both are great to use around the poll/neck area/quarters on horses and the back of the neck/top of the shoulders on people to relieve tension.


**1 year quality guarantee covers manufacturing faults, excludes damage caused by the customer or animal, covers Thermal Wand only **


**The blue Massage Mitt in our recent stock delivery is a darker shade of blue than in the images**


**Colours may vary very slightly from the images**

Massage Mitt Colour