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The Ultimate Feel Good Package

The Ultimate Feel Good Package


The Ultimate Feel Good Package includes a THERMAL WAND, our famous HEAT PAD package and one MASSAGE MITT. This deal offers a discount of £20.89 compared to being bought seperate.


All products in this package have been designed to be used on people and animals such as equines, canines and felines just to name a few.


All products provides drug free pain relief from sore muscles/arthritic joints or simply used for relaxation purposes to reduce stress. (See below for details on each product.)


Adjustable elastic strap:

1. 180cm length recommended for use on people and small animals e.g dogs.

2. 215cm length recommended for use on larger animals e.g horses


**1 year quality guarantee covers manufacturing faults, excludes damage caused by the customer or animal, covers heat pad and thermal wand only **


**The blue Massage Mitt in our recent stock delivery is a darker shade of blue than in the images**


**Colours may vary very slightly from the images**



Mitt Colour