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The Ultimate Feel Good Package

The Ultimate Feel Good Package


The Ultimate Feel Good Package includes a THERMAL WAND, our famous HEAT PAD package and one MASSAGE MITT. This deal offers a discount of £20.89 compared to being bought seperate.


All products in this package have been designed to be used on people and animals such as equines, canines and felines just to name a few.


All products provides drug free pain relief from sore muscles/arthritic joints or simply used for relaxation purposes to reduce stress. (See below for details on each product.)


Adjustable elastic strap:

1. 180cm length recommended for use on people and small animals e.g dogs.

2. 215cm length recommended for use on larger animals e.g horses


**1 year quality guarantee covers manufacturing faults, excludes damage caused by the customer or animal, covers heat pad and thermal wand only **


**The blue Massage Mitt in our recent stock delivery is a darker shade of blue than in the images**


**Colours may vary very slightly from the images**



Mitt Colour

    • The Thermal Wand is an innovative lightweight portable source of direct heat.
    • The device has three metal fingers, the end of each one heats up enabling you to massage these warm fingers into specific muscles on the body.
    • Its temperature controlled, you can choose to set the temperature between 36°c and 53°c, especially good to use around the poll/neck ares/quarters on horses and the back of the neck/top of the shoulders on people to relieve tension.
    • It has two extra features which is a micro vibration and red light, these can be turned on or off whilst using the heat,
    • The sleek pearlised design not only looks good (easy to clean too) but makes it great to hold whilst using.​
    • Running time 2.5-3.5 hours depending on the settings used
    • Charging time 3-4 hours


    • Heat stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which means that applying heat to any part of the body, on both people and animals, will decrease transmssions of pain signals to the brain and partially relieve discomfort.
    • Heat will aid stiff muscles and improve overall feeling of comfort.
    • Ideal for horses with tension in the poll/neck and back/quarters/hamstrings.
    • Ideal for people with tension in the neck/head and stiff lower backs.
    • Like all our products The Thermal Wand will aid relaxation and reduce stress, not just in horses and people but other animals too such as dogs.


    • The Thermal Wand (size 20cm long)
    • Heavy duty hard case with rubber handle to store the device safely whilst not in use.
    • Metallic gold car charger with two USB ports
    • UK wall plug with two USB ports
    • USB charging cable
    • Netted packaging bag (40cm*20cm) which can be re used for another purpose


    • Safety is our main priority and The Thermal Wand has all the necessary safety certificates FCC, ROHS, CE.
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