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Der Thermalstab

Der Thermalstab


Epiony möchte 'The Thermal Wand' mit Stolz in unserer Sammlung von Wohlfühl-Therapieprodukten begrüßen . Wie alle unsere Produkte kann der Thermostab sowohl bei Menschen als auch bei Tieren angewendet werden.
** 1 Jahr Qualitätsgarantie deckt Herstellungsfehler ab, schließt Schäden durch den Kunden oder das Tier aus **


      • The Thermal Wand is an innovative lightweight portable source of direct heat.
      • The device has three metal fingers, the end of each one heats up enabling you to massage these warm fingers into specific muscles on the body.
      • Its temperature controlled, you can choose to set the temperature between 36°c and 53°c, especially good to use around the poll/neck area and quarters on horses and the back of the neck and top of the shoulders on people to relieve tension.
      • It has two extra features which is a micro vibration and red light (630nm), these can be turned on or off whilst using the heat,
      • The sleek pearlised design not only looks good (easy to clean too) but makes it great to hold whilst using.
      • Running time 2.5-3.5 hours depending on the settings used
      • Charging time 3-4 hours