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  1. To provide excellent customer service. If you wish to contact us via email or Facebook your question shall be answered within a few hours. 

  2. To provide our customers with affordable innovative feel good therapy products which can be used on people and animals.

  3. To support the British manufacturing industry, by having The Heat Pad and Heat Pad Plus made in Britain.

About Us: About Us


Emma Easton-Powell

Emma Easton-Powell, CEO and founder, was born and raised in Birkdale, in the North West of the UK. She currently owns two ponies, a Highland pony

(Mr P) and a Fell pony (Bee).

Emma started her brand from the ground up at the age of 19 with no previous experience or funding.  She started with £200 she had saved up from her birthday/Christmas and started The Massage Mitt in 2014, then rebranded to Epiony Ltd in 2016 and since then has continued to grow into a
​global therapy brand.

About Us: About Us


Epiony Ltd was founded in 2016 by Emma Easton-Powell BSc (Hons),  a Biology university student aged 21, after the successful growth of the business ‘The Massage Mitt’ back in 2014.


Emma was looking for a job before starting Biology at Edge Hill University. 

She found a company online selling Massage Mitts and ordered a sample to try. After trying it on herself, and loving the feeling it gave, she tried the Massage Mitt on her ponies and they gave a brilliant reaction. 

She then took the plunge and invested a small amount of money she had saved up (£200) into her first batch of Massage Mitts and set up a Facebook page called The Massage Mitt. She took videos of her ponies’ reactions to the Massage Mitt, posting the videos to the Facebook page and sales took off.

A few months went by and she was able to afford a website and grow the business further. 

close up of logo on heat pad.jpg


Aged 21, the business had grown so much she realised this was no longer just making her some extra money whilst she was at university. This was becoming a full-time job, so she re-branded the business to ‘Epiony Ltd’ named after the Greek goddess of soothing pain ‘Epione’ and applied for a trademark. Epiony was now a feel-good therapy brand that was gaining huge popularity.


At this point she had enough in the bank to develop a new innovative product idea, called ‘The Heat Pad’ that aided bad backs and stiff muscles/ joints on people and animals. Most importantly, the product is made in Britain.

The idea for The Heat Pad came about due to her weak lower back, sometimes after riding her back could ache and heat helped ease any discomfort without her having to take painkillers. However hot water bottles were impractical so she decided to design a lightweight, portable and flexible Heat Pad that could be used anywhere, not just your back. To read more about it- Click here 

heat pad 6.jpg


The Heat Pad was launched in the September of 2016 and it quickly became a huge success, gaining recognition from national magazines such as Your Horse and Horse and Hound, as well as with Olympic riders, professional physiotherapists and vets. The success of the pad just continued to grow, helping people with serious injuries, muscles/nerve diseases such as fibromyalgia and herniated discs along with helping horses with kissing spine and SI joint problems.


In 2019 we launched The Thermal Wand which sold out within a day. The idea behind this product was we wanted to create a massage tool that provided a direct source of portable heat that could also be used on both people and animals. The end of each of the three metal fingers on the wand heats up. Massaging these warm fingers into the muscles on the body relaxes tight spots and reduces stress. Read more about it-Click here  


2019 also saw our founder become a young entrepreneur finalist for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in Manchester, these awards have seen the start of some small businesses which are now multi-million pound companies such as Grenade® protein bars. 

i Newspaper .PNG

2020 - AWARDS

2020 saw our founder become a newcomer finalist for the prestigious Lloyds Bank National Business Awards in London, with Epiony being featured in the i Newspaper against some huge and established names such as Bibby Distribution. 

2020 also saw Emma become a young entrepreneur finalist for the Federation of Small Businesses . 


2021 where do we start! like everyone in the UK and the World  Covid-19 faced us with many challenges. Challenges aside we still succeeded in launching 'The Massage Ball' an innovative affordable product which provides both hot and cold therapy (Read more about it-click here ) which was a huge hit with our customers, selling hundreds within a few hours. Like all our products it is designed to be used on both people and animals.

This year also saw a big growth in the number of stockists and therapists that we work with. If you'd like to stock our products please-click here 

20210529_103530 (2).jpg
Heat shot.png


2022 had a really exciting start where we launched our brand new product  'The Heat Pad Plus', after the huge success of our original Heat Pad. This larger pad was highly requested and after 1 year of design and development it hit the market in May with huge success. This pad is everything you love about our original heat pad but 2x bigger! read more about it-click here

We believe the business works so well because all our products are designed to be used on both people and animals therefore allowing the owners to feel first-hand what their pet is feeling from the product.

Since the re-brand in 2016, we have a directory of over 150 physiotherapists worldwide, over 60 stockists and a huge number of amazing reviews. Epiony aims to continue to design innovative physiotherapy products that can be used on all.

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