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Y pecyn Therapi Teimlo'n Dda

Y pecyn Therapi Teimlo'n Dda


Mae pecyn Therapi Teimlo'n Dda yn cynnwys pecyn Pad Gwres ac Mitt Tylino sengl.

Dyluniwyd y Pad Gwres i'w ddefnyddio ar anifeiliaid a phobl.
Yn Epiony rydym yn hoffi cadw ein cynnyrch yn syml ac yn hawdd ei ddefnyddio, felly fel ein mitt tylino poblogaidd iawn, mae'r Pad Gwres wedi'i ddylunio i'w ddefnyddio ar anifeiliaid a phobl

*** (wrth ei ddefnyddio ar bobl - ystyriwch ddefnyddio dros grys-t tenau wrth ei roi ar y cefn ond gellir ei roi yn uniongyrchol ar y croen, os ydych chi'n gorwedd i lawr ar y pad defnyddiwch osodiad gwres is (naill ai golau gwyrdd neu oren) ***

Massage Item Colour

    Temperature will vary due to environmental conditions it is used in,

    1. Red LED (47°c-49°c)-use on horses and animals with a thick coat. Peoples knees and other joints to provide pain relief (especially arthritis)

    2. Orange LED (44°c-46°c)-use on peoples backs (consider using it over a thin t-shirt if you have sensitive skin to heat but can be used directly on the skin, just turn down if it feels too warm) and clipped out horses if red is too warm for them.

    4. Green LED (41°c-43°c)- use on peoples back and if a person wishes to lay down on the pad

    5. Flashing Green LED (37°c-40°c)-same as green above just slightly cooler.

    This is just a rough guide, if used on yourself drop down a setting if too warm, if used on animals make sure they aren’t too warm by carrying out regular checks, never leave the pad unsupervised.



      -Use 15-20 minutes before a ride to help cold backed horses, 15-20 minutes after a ride to relax

    30 minutes - 1 hour a day for treatment of a problem area on people or animals.

    30 minutes a day for maintenance or relaxation sessions.

    - There is no maximum length of time you can leave it on.