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Brand Ambassador

Dressage rider and trainer Stephen Hayes from Liverpool has gone on to train with some of the worlds leading Olympic dressage riders and judges, including Beatrice Ferrer salat who is currently no2 in the world ranking right now, and competing for team Spain for RIO 2016. He's recently come back from states competing in Wellington Florida through to FEI inter1 and schooling and training horses through to Grand Prix. He's currently touring the UK with his 70+ date dressage clinic tour which is proving to be a huge success, he also has demand and interest to conduct clinics in Australia, South Africa, USA and Dubai.

​"What a fantastic brand which I am very happy to be now associated with! I'm a Grand Prix rider which trains around the horse being 100% supple throughout their body, the horses need all the help they can get through good riding, and of course feel good therapies! Epiony is a fantastic brand which does that and is of great quality and very effective on both horse and rider. My lower back feels so good after using the heat pad! I love it! I'm excited to see what the future holds for Epiony and grateful to be apart of it!"
-Stephen Hayes

Stephen Hayes: TeamMember

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